IYouWeBe – Take my Otherness

Eine konzertante Jazzoper in drei Akten nach der Vorlage des Buches von
Bjung Chul Han Hyperkulturalität-Kultur und Globalisierung. Die Themen
dieser philosophischen Abhandlung sind Heimat, Globalisierung und
Weltfrieden und werden aus der Sicht der beteiligten Sänger*innen,
Migrant*innen und Musiker*innen sowie anderer europäischen Literat*innen
und Philosoph*innen betrachtet. Jede*r Musiker*in bringt die eigenen
Erfahrungen durch Improvisation, Komposition, Lyrik und Dramaturgie
in das Gesamtwerk ein. Das Projekt gewann 2016 den Förderpreis des
Berliner Senats für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.

Dorothea Mader - Komposition, Vivien Lee - Lyrik,
Vivien Lee, Dorothea Mader - Dramaturgie

Video Ouvertüre     Concert in the Passionskirche, 15.10.2016
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Video 2.act
Video 3.act

Foto: M. Dost

Vocals :
Vocal : Vivien Lee,  China
Beatrice Asare Lartey,  Ghana
Christina Fronista, Greece
Lea W. Frey, Germany
Hani Mojtahedi, Iran

Musicians :
Andreas Willers, Guitar
Andreas Henze, Bass
Wanja Slavin, Sax
Gabriella Strümpel, Cello
Wei Chen, Piano
Volker Greve, Drums
Dorothea Mader, Flute

"Take my Otherness" is based on concepts in Bjung Chul Han's book
"Hyperculturality-Culture and Globalisation", that has a critical perspective
 on today's time management and understanding of progress that only
emphasizes acceleration. The themes of this philosophical discussion
are home, globalisation, world conflicts and peace. They are being reflected
in this opera from the point of view of the singers and musicians, as well
as various European authors and philosophers.
Each of the musicians brought in their own special and personal experiences
in forms of improvisation, composition, lyrics and dramaturgy throughout
the whole piece. Although no specific roles were planned in this opera a
miraclous mixture of diverse musical forms emerged and resulted in a
creative artistical work that is crossing all borders.
Each song is written in its original language and re-composed in styles
where traditional melodies merge into new compositions with emotions
like :fear, loss, stress, loneliness and hope, connected to specific female

Foto: M. Dost

Orchestral and Choral Form, that represents a European atmosphere,
later being entered by six women from different cultures.

First Act
Introduction of the women with their personal origins, doubts, yearnings,
thoughts and difficulties dealing with a completely new environment. This
 is being presented in solo vocal pieces. Gaps and strangeness between
them appear. But as a result, everybody comes to a common ground,
that only one's own soul speaks for each individual.

Second Act
The situation of the newcomers in their urban environment is being
presented in form of a rap and an ancient greek chorus, which comments
and at the same time complains about the complexity of daily life. This
makes everybody realize the importance of supporting the „culture of
Arguing“. Coming closer to each other, two of our singers perform a duet,
expressing their daily anxiety in their new surrounding. This represents
 the different temperaments of these two characters, one being impulsive,
the other one more subtil. Throughout their agitated arguments, they come
to notice how time is governing everyone. Then a piece of music with spiritual
and philosophical aspects with a mixture of diverse religious chantings re-
minds them of their inner peace. The urge of both characters to form a better
new life leads to a dramatic criticism of themselves and their surroundings.
This arouses discussion for the whole group at the end.

Third Act & Epilog
Luckily the women find out that only complaining is not of any help.
One still has a future to face and by taking their otherness, they could all get
involved and create something new for themselves and the generations yet to
come. But at this point the question appears, whether they could achieve all
the tasks alone. What about the men? Do we need them? Are they capable?
Provoked from this idea, the male musicians of the ensemble play a very
sensitive and encouraginganswer, in form of a jazz quartett. At this point the
question of who the women are and where they are from, reappears. Furthermore
 they ask how and where they could gain the power to lead a brand new life.
Here the title song "Take my Otherness“ gives everybody a hint. Finally everyone
realizes that each of our otherness is the key to a caring globalized reunion
between all nations.

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